sexta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2012

O que o dinheiro não pode comprar [3]

Introduction: Markets and Morals (III de III)
"The problem with our politics is not too much moral argument but too little. Our politics is overheated because it is mostly vacant, empty of moral spiritual content. It fails to engage with big questions that people care about. (...) Our reluctance to engage in moral and spiritual argument, together with our embrace of markets, has exacted a heavy price: it has drained public discourse of moral and civic energy, and contributed to the technocratic, managerial politics that afflicts many societies today. A debate about the moral limits of markets would enable us to decide, as a society, where markets serve the public good and where they don't belong. It would also invigorate our politics, by welcoming competing notions of the good life into the public square."