sexta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2013

Esta é uma das melhores notícias... [2] 2013 no plano internacional: "A Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (...) would doubtless provide a much-needed boost to investment, growth and living standards. But the stakes are higher. The advanced nations are losing ground to the rising states. The flow of power to the east and south puts a question-mark over the relevance of 'the west'. As with Britain’s place in Europe, the paramount case for a transatlantic trade deal is geopolitical. The economics are a means to an end. The reward is the advance of the liberal political order that has lately seemed in retreat. (...) What Europeans and Americans need is a project to remind them of the importance of this relationship and of their shared capacity to shape events – something to replace the glue that was lost at the end of the cold war, as well as to persuade electorates that their politicians are actually doing something to pull economies out of recession. (...) A deal to abolish tariffs, remove regulatory barriers and create an integrated marketplace could add about 0.5 per cent annually to national income on either side of the Atlantic. It would also establish the US and EU as the pre-eminent standard-setter for the rest of the world. The objective should not be to exclude; it should be to demonstrate that the west’s economic clout can be translated into global rules."
Philip Stephens, "Transatlantic pact promises bigger prize" (Financial Times, 15.2.2013).